Thanks Tom,
the second pigeon (671) arrived today and joined 642 in the breeders box.  Great looking birds, both healthy –
very professional, look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Edwin – Savannah, Georgia

Hi tom, 
 I just want to let u know, I’m really happy
with u’r   G. Son of euro diamond, really nice cock, who ever visited my loft they are pretty empress to see
this cock. One more time thank u.  

 Mohammad ,  Las Vegas
Hi Tom  The birds arrived today.  They are fine.  463 feels great, even for
taking a 2 day trip.  The hen has a great personality, very observant to her surroundings.  I
thank you again for the chance to purchase such fine pigeons! 
Greenville MI

Received all 4 birds and I am happy with them
all..All in good shape. THANK=YOU so much….
spencerport, NY

received the pigeons today in great shape.
Thank you,
Ray- Corning CA

I just received the
bird today and its in great shape. thank you
very much, let me as soon as u post new birds thanks….
Ortega, St
Petersburg Florida
I got them and I am impressed by the cock!
Arthur , Colorado

Hi Tom, I recieved my birds from you this morning. They are beautiful! I have a cock that
I bought from you that looks just like the hen you sold me. They’ll make a good pair. Thank You,
Spruce Pine
The birds came in this morning alive and well! They’re beautiful and are settling into their
new loft nicely. Thanks for everything!
Kolwich KS


They are here in there brand new
loft! Very nice looking birds, can’t wait to get the others! Thank you again
Aaron B. NW Indiana

Healthy bird arrived today,
thank you!

she looks and feels great. Whats your secret getting the  feathers so smooth and shiny?
Also do you have any young birds for the 2011 season for sale?
Cole   Midland TX
Just wanted to let you know the birds arrived in excellent condition.   They are
beautiful and already laid an egg !   LOL
Tom   Fort Worth TX

The birds arrived on
. They are doing great and my daughter loves them!! these are my first pigeons and I have been
reading online about how to let them loose and come back

Mark, Alton IL

Hi Tom,
I got the bird today.  He is beautiful!  Thank you very much.
Tammy   El Cajon CA.

HI Tom    just a quick note to say thanks  the birds arived in Atl. at 3:45 safe and
sound.They are good looking i’m sure I will enjoy them.
thanks again
John M. Atlanta GA.
I have been really busy with work for the past couple of weeks but i wanted to let you know that both birds i
recieved from you are doing great. They were #332 a pied chocolate bastin and # 1887 a younger one.  I
couldn’t be more pleased with them. They are both settled in and already flying around with the others. Thank
you and please let me know if you have any young  blue and white grizzles for sale, I would probably be
Thanks again, nice birds.

 Brian S.  Madison Heights,